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Event announcements, product ads, infographics, personal quotes, blog-post thumbnails, newsletter summaries, store updates, special offers.

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Graphic Generator GPT

An innovative approach with unique benefits


Drafts created by our custom GPT can be continuously edited, both by the AI through prompts and by the user through an editor.

Chatbot user journey

The Graphic Generator GPT user journey runs from start to finish within the chatbot interface.
We’re not trying to convert users to our platform.
We’re trying to get the job done!

Custom templates for precise results

Instead of just using the available generic templates, you can create customized templates for your brand in Bluepic STUDIO. Connect your ChatGPT workspace to your Bluepic account and take advantage of your team's new (AI) graphic designer.

Current featuring

More than 20.000 unique Layouts

Generic designs for common use cases are available for free, with different variants rotating per conversation.

Can edit texts, images, fonts and colors

You can ask Graphic Generator GPT to edit the content of a draft or to suggest different styles, moods or narratives.

Chooses content intelligently

We combine the intelligence of OpenAI's GPT4 with the flexibility of Bluepic's tools to get the best of both.

Can browse and incorporate content from websites

You can ask the Graphic Generator GPT to create graphics based on content that it retrieves from any website.

Drafts are directly editable with Bluepic’s easy editor

Sometimes you just want to edit a word or an image directly. That's why you can edit every draft yourself.

Graphic generator chatbot for your buisness

Graphic generator chatbot for your business

Please create an ad for the summer collection.
Sure! Here you go...
Tropical vibe, please
Here’s an updated draft...

Why you should choose Bluepic

Guaranteed compliance with your brand's style guide
Content-Suggestions from Blog posts, Newsletters & more
Templates for you and you alone
powered by Bluepic STUDIO
Imagine if your marketing department was available to every employee around the clock, had infinite capacity and cost much less. With Bluepic's AI integration, you can do just that.

With the click of a button, you can provide your marketing team with an inexhaustible, creative and intelligent assistant for a fraction of the traditional cost.

Let your team focus on the big things and let AI do the rest.
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Powered by Bluepic STUDIO

Bluepic STUDIO allows you to create graphic templates, that are optimized for being operated by an AI application.

It works by breaking down designs to their most important properties, which in turn makes the AI's decision making much easier.

Bluepic STUDIO is free, easy to learn and packed with features that make it easier for the AI to understand your design.
Bluepic Studio

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Your AI is our user
Our tools are optimized for being operated by an AI application.
The number one graphic-design-engine for AI
If you are an AI developer and want to upgrade your application with graphic generation capabilities, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.
Invest in an AI future
We are looking for investors who, like us, believe that AI natural language conversation will become the new standard user interface.
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